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Spoken word artist and writer. Living my life and writing about it along the way, it just might inspire somebody. IG: @iamjustinpatton

It wasn’t until he died that he became one of the good guys in America’s eyes.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend…The Irony

To my understanding most people are aware of the impact Martin Luther King Jr. had on the world. As the face of the Civil Right Movement, MLK held up a mirror to the face of America for the world to see it’s hatred for black people. He challenged America to live up to it’s creed that “all men are created equal”. It for this cause in which he dedicated his life. His holiday is well deserved.

On the other hand ironic that the same…

From a certified quitter.

For most of my life, I’ve been a quitter.

The first sport I quit was wrestling, and quite frankly I wasn’t any good anyway. Quitting wrestling at the age of 10 was the first time in my life I realized it was okay to quit something.

I quit soccer when I got to high school. Even though I was a much better soccer player, I wanted to focus on basketball. Plus it was the much “cooler” sport. Girls in high school weren’t checking for soccer players.

I quit the band when I got into high school…

A little civility, maybe?

We’re all losing our minds…

Aside from the usual mudslinging that we see from politicians going back and forth and the ungodly amounts of money that’s been spent on ads attacking the other candidate which could’ve gone to helping communities, it seems we’ve lost our ability to see the humanity in each other.

The divisiveness of this election is reflected in our news outlets and all over our social media platforms in the comments, basically everywhere our attention is. Just do some scrolling and see for yourself…

Some preachers have swayed their congregations to vote one…

Thank you for being apart of my journey.

To Joey Diaz, Lee, and The Church Family:

I came to the Church family late, but I made it to the party nonetheless.

After becoming a fan of JRE, I stumbled upon one of the most raw and hilarious comics, Joey “Coco” Diaz. It was refreshing to hear somebody who had “made it”, but still had a foot on the ground, be honest in telling their story. Joey made me feel like if he “made it” despite the mistakes he made along the way, then I could do it too.

…But not without putting in the work.

Somewhere within all…

What happened to #neverforget?

When it comes to the Holocaust, our Jewish brothers and sisters make sure to let the world know how important it is that we know and understand what happened during that time so that history does not repeat itself (just ask Nick Cannon).

When it comes to 9/11, we are told to #neverforget.

However, when it comes to slavery and it’s affect on the Black community, we are told to simply get over it because it happened so long ago.

“How, Sway?”

It is true that throughout history slavery has existed in almost every part of…

What voices really need to be cancelled?

At a time when our country seems most vulnerable, it would be reasonable to think that our elected officials at federal, state, and local levels would provide the public with accurate information, or at the least some solace for what we’re facing. But of course, asking our leaders to get on one accord in efforts to look out for the actual, real people they “represent” sounds too much like right.

Our lack of leadership when it was needed most throughout the pandemic will be known as an American tragedy.

When the Corona virus…

Black America, don’t fall for it…

There is a lot of noise outside right now from people who want justice, equality, and every right written into the Constitution. And rightfully so. America has fallen short of living up to it’s creed for marginalized groups and it’s wealth disparities can no longer be hidden.

The pandemic has exposed America in every way, especially disparities between Black America and the rest of America. …

We all need to be asked if we’re okay.

Since a lot of places check your temperature before you walk in, I figured the same would apply to readers on Medium. Except this is more of an emotional temperature check. So with that being said, how’s everyone doing?

In these unprecedented times, nothing is the same. In just a few a months, the world has changed and it’ll never be the same. Yet no matter how crazy your situation may be, there is a silver lining in all of this, and I hope you’ve found yours.

After every dark night…

Contrary to popular belief.

When I hear Black Americans say, “this isn’t our country,” or “we don’t belong here”, it pains my heart every time.

Those sentiments give away all of the power that we do possess. Its disregards the journey that our ancestors endured across seas to be here. It dismisses the blood, sweat, and tears that went into building this country.

Just because Black America was never served a piece of the American pie, does not make the pie any less ours. It doesn’t mean that we weren’t the ones who baked the pie. …

Understand the cloth you’re cut from.

I hated history, and even more so Black History.

When the only Black History that is taught is slavery and struggle, you get sick of that shit.

What does it do to a black boy’s mind when the first thing that he learns of his ancestors is that they were slaves.

Black History as taught in American public education:

Black were slaves. Honest Abe Lincoln finally freed the slaves out of the kindness of his heart. Black people, or n*ggers, as they were called in those days had no rights and got lynched. A lot.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil…

Justin Patton

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