Our So-Called Leaders Have Failed Us Throughout This Pandemic

Justin Patton
5 min readAug 4, 2020

What voices really need to be cancelled?

At a time when our country seems most vulnerable, it would be reasonable to think that our elected officials at federal, state, and local levels would provide the public with accurate information, or at the least some solace for what we’re facing. But of course, asking our leaders to get on one accord in efforts to look out for the actual, real people they “represent” sounds too much like right.

Our lack of leadership when it was needed most throughout the pandemic will be known as an American tragedy.

When the Corona virus hit the radar of the United States, we were assured by our President that the virus was very much under control and that we had nothing to worry about here. After a back and forth between President Trump and President Xi Jinping about how the virus started, some were even led to believe that the virus was not actually a real thing, and that it was only propaganda.

Even though our politicians have known about the virus since God knows when, somehow we still failed to prepare. The country was short on masks, ventilators, medical personnel, and various other medical supplies to help treat Covid-19 patients. The Journal of the American Medical Associated published a study that revealed 88% of Covid-19 patients put on a ventilator died in a New York hospital. Then 2 days later published a correction which took that 88% down to 24%.

And things only got more confusing from there…

We were told to wear masks. We were told masks are not necessary. We were told that only a certain type of mask is effective. We were told that everything needs to be shut down. We were told that shutting down the economy would be worse than the actual virus.

If you catch the virus, can you get it again? How harmful is it to kids? How long does the virus stay on surfaces? The remedies spouted by the President, do they actually work? Have they been tried and tested? How accurate are the tests?

All questions that the American people have not gotten definitive answers for, and I get it. This virus is supposedly a new thing, we may not know…

Justin Patton

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