Restoring The Humanity In America (as if there ever was any)

Justin Patton
6 min readNov 12, 2020

A little civility, maybe?

Photo by Corey Young on Unsplash

We’re all losing our minds…

Aside from the usual mudslinging that we see from politicians going back and forth and the ungodly amounts of money that’s been spent on ads attacking the other candidate which could’ve gone to helping communities, it seems we’ve lost our ability to see the humanity in each other.

The divisiveness of this election is reflected in our news outlets and all over our social media platforms in the comments, basically everywhere our attention is. Just do some scrolling and see for yourself…

Some preachers have swayed their congregations to vote one way or another, as if the stairway to Heaven depends on progressive or conservative ideologies. We drag peoples’ names through the mud if they are not of the same political beliefs as us.

Personal relationships have been destroyed based off of who we believe should be Head of State. Gestures like wearing a mask or waiving an American flag have become symbols representing which side of the isle you’re on. Political disagreements have turned to hate.

America will never be the “melting pot” that it claims to be unless we embrace different ideas of how to make this country work for everyone here. We don’t have…



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